Google Maps element plugin with improved UX - help needed

Working on it now. I should have a Beta out very soon!

So far the list of supported actions are

  1. Radius / circle
  2. Directions
  3. Multi way point directions
  4. ploylines
  5. polygons
  6. Markers
  7. Map Styles
  8. Built in menus
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Oooooo nice!
Can’t wait… :slight_smile:

Another question (could be a really stupid one…) is that how difficult would it be to pull the maps data to maps plugin from a different source? Our government here has some great quality aerial photography and AFAIK it’s freely usable…

Should not be hard if you have API access.

Each field is a list. So a list of lats, long, labels,HTML content, radius and so on

Hmm. The Estonian Land Board’s Geoportal page regarding public wms service:
Can you make anything of this?

Had a quick look and this does not seem to be supported. Looks for another source that has a restful API service

Hmm. OK. Too bad, though, it would be totally awesome to get to use their maps. It will have to wait then.

But I’m still truly excited for polygons and polylines and directions :smile:

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Any luck with this? I am taking the weekend to try to learn how this thing works and spent the day today without any results. I can not even get the map to display on the screen. Did you have any luck showing it?

Hey Rico, I haven’t had a chance to progress much further on this. I’m eagerly awaiting @AliFarahat’s Beta release. Ali have you gotten much further? Happy to test out once you’ve got something up and running.

Thanks. A small update from my side. I sought advice from a seasoned programmer (also my brother) and he took particular interest in the challenge. We are now pairing on solve my particular problem with GMaps: plotting polygons and, when clicked, show pop-up with info plus call-to-action.

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That’s handy! Interested to hear how you guys go.

Just checking in to see if there are any good news… :slight_smile:
@AliFarahat and @rico.trevisan?

Saw this recently in the ‘‘Google Maps Extended’’ plugin,

. Does this mean the new functions for the plugin are already available on Bubble?

I tried using them as a ‘‘Visual Element’’ but got no result. It seems there are no input fields:

What is this all about, and does this mean we should be able to use the plugin by now ? Thanks.

Ya the directions map is working. You would need the API key placed in the element field in the plugin properties window for it to work

Tried it, but to no avail. I entered my API key in elements section of the GMaps plugin:


Still I am getting nothing as before in the input for the visual elements. Except for the “simple direction” element of the plugin, so I entered my data but it shows no response. For my test I tried to have all 3 of the visual elements from the google maps plugin.:

And then when I load it, I get nothing except in the “multidirection” element which shows a blank map, but I couldn’t enter any data in the first place so this doesn’t help.

So, how could I get data in the Maps to show for multidirections, directions and clusters? Would I need to add HTML elements that tells it where to where to get the data? (Waypoints= Input A, B, C, etc. Destination= Input D…)

Please help, I feel like this is a stupid mistake I’m making, but still it would be great to get a few hints seeing as there is no documentation for the plugin, many people are already asking how to use the plugin and thus they could also refer to this post. Thank you so much!!!

Hey there

The simple directions is in beta. The other two elements are still in Alpha and are in development. So please hang on while I sort all the bugs out


Any word on this plugin? Looking for the functionality to draw on a maps - or even add a circle/outline with an input.

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