Google Maps Extended: How to filter data in GeoJson?

Is it possible to filter GeoJson data in this plugin?
I found this: “Property to return”

I need to filter “camada=FZD” in GeoJSON
How do I put the address to make this filter?

Note: I filtered the data using the api, and I tried to use “format as text” to transform a json object into text, but GeoJson is dynamic and the geometry property can have several nested lists and transforming this into text is complicated. That’s why I’m trying to use the “Property return” now.

I have the same probblem as you.
Just, can you tell me how did you get the last screenshot (Returned values 04getGeojson? Is it with a specific plugin?

Thanks a lot


it’s not a plugin, it’s an endpoint of my project that returns the GeoJson