Google Maps or Mapbox User Add Locations


Is it possible (and somewhat achievable for a bubble beginner) to create a web app that uses either a Google Maps or Mapbox map on a page of the site that allows signed-up users to add a pinned location on the map > upload a photo(s) > enter a text title field > and enter a text summary field > hit save/submit to create a new pinned location on the map for anyone (even non signed-up users to view/click on). Basically, the app would allow people to share specific information on locations using Google Maps or Mapbox. If a location has already been pinned, the user can add more photos/information to the location.

I prefer Mapbox to Google Maps. If it can be done in Google Maps, can it also be done using Mapbox?

How would I go about making this user map feature on the site? Thanks.

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