Google OAuth 2 authorization

Hello everyone.

I’m building a used goods platform in which each user has their own public profile.

I use Google OAuth for login. I have inserted every page that I have built so I don’t get errors.
I have a problem though. Every URL of the user profile ends with their username.
This means that if anyone is not logged in and is seeing a user profile and decides to register or log in with Google it will come with an error.

Is there a way to fix it or cheat it?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @fabian.banushi,

What error do you get?

Thank you for your reply Johnny

Google OAuth doesn’t recognize the
And I can’t put thousands of usernames.

How can it be resolved automatically?

You should have 1 login page that redirects to their profile.

I have a Popup that comes in every time users click to connect with Google.
And in some pages is ttp://


@fabian.banushi can you provide an example or flow? We have very little information to go on

Do you mean for the redirect URL?

So what you will probably need to do is redirect to a fixed page name, and then use the data returned to then do a forward to your user’s page.

OAUTH2 is a bit of a headmess … but this is certainly possible to do. Stick with it :slight_smile:

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