Google Place Details Search - opening_hours

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Is that a different set of data I wonder.


yeah it really strange…i been reading the google api docs but it all points to the api we’re using already.

hi @emmanuel

just wondering if this hasn’t yet been exposed and that’s the reason why I am still not seeing the opening hours yet?

woo hoo! - thanks - i’ll give it a try now :slight_smile:


i tried getting the info through a Get Google Place call and still not getting any results… what am i doing wrong here?

here is the debugger screen for the following place id: ChIJWdOGHRKuEmsR6al3OVtQAqQ

Can you file a bug report with a case that actually has some data there (as seen in postman)?


Ran the call in Postman and it is showing the expected “weekday_text” data, so I’ve submitted a bug report.


Hey, can you expose the Google Places email field of the business as well? Is that possible? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

Sorry for bring it up again but I didn’t find an answer for that and it would be a waste of time creating a new one because I would have to explain all the context that is already here.
So, I just want to have the reviews of that specific place after “Get Google Place’s” data, is it possible? (rating stars and the coment)
I don’t know how to use “Query” and “Location” input either, if someone could explain to me that too I would be very thankful.