Google Search Console: Mobile Friendly Issue

Maybe someone can help me on this,

so my site flashed a few errors on the google search console. It said some of the content is wider than screen. So i spend a good amount of time to see if i can get that fixed.

Strangely, if i clone the page and test that cloned page on the google search console it works! Since i just freshly cloned it and haven’t made any changes to it, so the only difference is the URL.

I initially had issues on 3 pages, one page i was able to get fixed. but the other two, the cloned page works but the other doesn’t. Since one of them is the index page i need to use that.

have anyone seen anything similar?

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I have seen similar errors on Search Console myself even though I am sure that my page is responsive. I have ignored those and most of the times they have disappeared later when the page is crawled again.

I guess those are some false negatives and I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you are sure that your page is set to the right responsive settings. Additionally you can also test the live version of the page again with the Mobile Friendly Test to make sure it says so.

Thanks! You are right, now the live test result is showing it is responsive.