Google Sheets Backend Database

Hello, I am trying to set google sheets as the data base of my bubble app which means all the user data should be store on the google sheet and not on the bubble database.

I want to create a login page where it would login users using google sheet. Please anyone who can help?


You can use google sheets for user information. But understand bubble user entity is a special type of entity , bubble is doing a lot to make it easy for us.

User Email and password must be store in bubble to be able to log in, bubble even does not show the pass in data base.

What you can do just singup the user with email and pass, and then attach its uuid in sheet user this way you can search his info from sheet.

Hope this help.

As he mentioned, you need to create users in the bubble database and then connect the API to fetch data from the google sheet.

You can also upload data as CSV to your bubble application but I guess you are not looking for this.

Don’t. That’s a recipe for disaster.

A sheet is not a database and can’t reasonably be used as such, period.


I couldn’t agree more with @redvivi .

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