Google Tracking Tag and Facebook Pixel


I run google ads for my app and am starting to do FB ads too. Obviously I want to be able to track conversions which would ideally be linked to when someone clicks a specific button.

I can’t seem to find any good tutorials online on how to get these setup.

Would somebody be able to point me in the right direction? Even a semi-detailed thread on here would be good!


Anyone at all? Struggling with this.

I’ll bump this along with @alexcooney5

My use case is button based and on the same page, via a lead form popup. I think most of the conversion tracking that people do happens when a user clicks a button and then lands on a separate page on the site. I’m wondering in bubble can we set up tracking when a button in a popup is pressed, and the URL does not change.

Can we tie the tracking into the WF’s in this scenario?

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I sense that the lack of responses to this means it is not an easy problem to solve…


Hi! Yeah it is simple. Just run the conversion event script in the workflow that you consider the user converted.
Let’s say it’s a “go to payment” button, run the conversion script there.
You can use the toolbox plugin and run custom JS in an action with it.

Or for maximum convenience you can have a custom plugin done for you, but it would just be extra convenience in this case, you don’t really need a custom plugin for this.


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