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Got a deep understanding of APIs? I'm willing to pay you

Looking for a small freelance project & got a deep understanding of API’s? Let’s chat!

Hi @oliviercoolen
You should tell here which API you are trying to connect :wink:


Oh yeah - mb.

I would love to give my users the ability to add their Immoweb (Like Zillow but for Belgium) account to my app. Whenever they upload a listing on Immoweb, I want it to be automatically imported into my Bubble app. :slight_smile:

Here is API documentation: Immoweb Api Documentation

Do they have webhooks?
This is not a hard API to integrate but if they don’t have webhooks, you will need to check for update at a specific moment and this may cause issue if payload is very large. You may consider to just poll data directly from API when you need it instead. But this always depend of what you need to do :wink:

Hi Olivier,

Neem zeker eens een kijkje op Ik ben zeker dat we je kunnen helpen :wink:
Fijn om eens belgen te zien op het forum.

Hopelijk tot snel,


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Yes, only requesting the data when needed is also a viable option. I have just no clue at all how to set this up with Oauth etc.

Bedankt voor uw bericht Klaas,

Ik heb jullie net een email gestuurd. :slight_smile:

Because you want each user to authenticate with their own credentials and because this api use an oAuth password grant type, you will need to create an API call that will get the Access token
And use the access token to authenticate to other endpoints (Get all users classifieds for example) in Authorization: Bearer header

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