Grabbing data from another page?

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Is it possible to send a searchbox’s location data to another page?
I’m using it to display a shop’s distance from the current user’s inputted address on the searchbox

I’ve tried to use the button’s* parameter but to no avail

*button is used to grab the searchbox data and then to navigate to another page which contains a list of shops closest to the user’s inputted address

Use “Send more parameters” while navigating to the destination page and send the required location. In the destination page, use “Get data from URL” to extract the location.

You can just have two groups on a page, rather than two pages. It gets a bit slow going to and from a page.

Other ways …

  1. Save it on the User (even if there isn’t a user)
  2. Have a reusable element and send it to that
  3. Page parameters is going to be pretty difficult, as it depends on what you are really sending, the lat/long or address, or both. I would avoid that.

Thanks @maheshkasindi and @NigelG ! Solved it just now.

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