Grant but limit access to datatype to support different levels of data access?

Hi there, Bubble beginner here! From what I understand about Bubble’s DB privacy rules, I can grant but not limit access to records within a certain datatype. However, this is inconvenient as I wish to have multiple tiers where, for example, a lower-tier user could do a few searches for items in a dataset and see the results, but would be completely locked out after hitting their limit. On the other hand, a higher-tier user would have full access and unlimited searches.

What would be the best way for me to go about this issue? Security is crucial, so limiting data visibility by just locking them out from a search button/repeating group would not be enough in this case. One solution that has worked for very small searches was carrying out the search using a backend workflow that essentially goes into our “locked” datatype, identifies matches, duplicates the records into a datatype that the lower-tier user has access to, and then reveals them in a repeating group. But when dealing with our normal search load, the process simply takes too long and is difficult to work with.

Thank you so much!