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Graph not lining up properly

I’m trying to make a simple graph however the data isn’t lining up properly.

When the data is created it is made in this manner


The next action in the workflow is the same again and…


This set up creates a savings data with an increasing year. The data is showing as… (I’ve repeated it for 10 years)

This is fine, however it doesn’t sort properly when published in the graph.


whats going on here?

The issue is not with how you are saving it but with how you are applying it to the graph. After your search add a sort and sort by date descending = ‘no’

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You are amazing, thanks so much!

Sorted it :slight_smile:

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Things are created in the DB asynchronously, so they won’t necessarily be created in the order in which the workflow steps appear. (They are triggered in sequence, but when an action is a back-end data operation, it does its thing independent of the other actions. You can read more about workflow execution in the docs.)

  2. Number 1 doesn’t really matter for your particular scenario anyway, because the order in which things are added to the database is irrelevant. Generally speaking, the sort order is specified when the data are retrieved for display. What does the data source of the graph look like? Did you apply a sort?


The graph now shows the data in the order that I’d like it, however this only happens in ‘chart element’ api that is basic.


Here is the data source.

I’ve tried it on a few of the other graph types however haven’t been able to solve the issue there. A shame because I’d love a load of different series’s on the graph