Gravel Customization Functionality Question

Hey Guys,

I’m new to bubble and loving it so far, but for a couple of weeks I’ve been having a hard time trying to build out a specific functionality I want. I’m trying to build a gravel customization framework in which users can select a rock type through a dropdown, use a slider to adjust how many pounds of that rock type they want, and see a panel of features for their blend that auto-populates on the screen in front of them. Then users would be able to click “next” and be presented with the same screen to select another rock type to add (and adjust the quantity of), but the panel of features would remain from their selection on the previous screen and just add to that based on weight of the new rock times the new rock type’s metrics. Eventually, the user would press “done” and be brought to a final screen that calculates their price and displays the final gravel blend they designed. I have included an image as to what I have in mind. Any tips on where to get started with this functionality would be greatly appreciated!
Screenshot 2024-05-15 150804