Gravity Payments (Payment Processing) integration

I’m curious if anyone has set up an integration with Gravity Payments for Payment Processing? I know that Stripe and PayPal are the natively supported options.

I really like how Gravity does business, so I’d like to explore this option and see how much effort it would take. Here’s a link to their API documentation.


PS After searching the Forum, it seems like nothing so far besides people talking about using Gravity Forms, which is unrelated to the payment processing company.

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Hey Harris,

I work on the integrated payments team here at Gravity, and we are currently helping another Bubble user do a direct integration to our API and Gateway. I really appreciate your kind words about Gravity, and would love to learn more about your project if it’s still something being worked on/researched. My email is and my direct line is 206-436-1432. Cheers!

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Hi @chollen :wave:t3: will reach out directly—thanks!