Grey Out (Inactivate) Dropdown Static List Value

Is there a way to inactivate (grey out) a dropdown static list value using a workflow action?

For example:

I have three items in my static dropdown list

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3

Using a workflow action, I want to be able to inactivate Item 2 (grey out) so that it can’t be selected. Items 1 and 3 will remain selectable. And I want to be able to re-activate as well. Item 2 will still be displayed in the dropdown list while inactive.

Make a custom dropdown using the GroupFocus element and a Repeating Group, then you have full control to make the group not clickable if your condition is met

Can I make one or more items in the group not clickable while clicking on the others?

Yep, on the group the user would be clicking (inside the Repeating Group) you can put a condition on it and make it not clickable if the condition is met. OR flip it around and make it not clickable by default, then make it clickable if the condition is met (probably do it that way)

How you form that expression/condition is another story of course.

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