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Grid State and browser back button

What’s the best way to preserve grid state? For example, I have a list of items, I click on an item and navigate to a new page within the same tab. User hits the back button to pick back up in the list where they left off but Bubble refreshes the entire Grid. Especially if the user was on the 2nd or 3rd page of a result set. I know I could open in a new tab, but this kinda goes against basic Usability principles. You really should only open a new tab if your link points to an external site. Thoughts?

You can set Custom States on an Element (so your repeating list), and then use this in the population of the list when you go back ?

Whether it is better to save the “page” you are on, and re-search the database from there, or whether it is better to save all your list of things as a state when you leave the page, and pick it back up … I am not sure.