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Grids and aligns on Bubble

Hi, everyone!

How can I streamline my app layout creation process within Bubble? I love the platform, but I’m having a hard time even copying a ready-made layout in Adobe XD. The elements don’t align easily, moving groups is very difficult… does anyone have any tips for speeding up, please?

You could try importing Adobe XD into Figma and then Figma into Bubble. See the post below to see how unsuccessful that could be! I (I’ve not done it so no idea how (un) successful it would be :slightly_smiling_face:)

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If I was you I’d search the forum for posts about openBuild or Frames. These two systems can speed things along nice although so can a template.

What have you got started so far or what are your biggest pain points in designing?

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@lindsay_knowcode Using the Figma import might not be the way to go:

@cmarchan Good grief! What a mess it makes - forget figma! :face_vomiting:


Yeap! :rofl: