Group by aggregation is not showing nested data types

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I am trying to compute the sum of the fees allocated to events grouped by the months of the year. The problem sounds simple but the fees allocated to events are custom data types themselves because the “Fee” table contains two columns: the category of the fee and the amount. When I am tring to perform the aggregation, I dont see any way to perform an aggregation based on the “Fee” column of the “Event” data type.

Table 1 (Fee):

Table 2 (Event):

Group by:

Any help on that please ?

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Merge the filtering to single and add new grouping of Fees, Then you can get the sum of fees. Basically sum will be based on what you grouped, In this case date cannot produce a sum…

Or try reverse filtering, Filter by events → group fees & get sum (DB to be relational) on both sides

I dont think it is correct. The aggregation is not necessarily applied on the column on which we group by. Simple exemple: group by user, average of ages.
The problem here is that the column on which the sum could be applied is not available because one level below under the “Fee” data type

Any other suggestions on that topic please ?

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