"Group By" location

Hey there bubblers (and team),

I’ve run into a use case where I am trying to display map markers, but end up having “duplicate” markers: they have the same location, but different information. Ideally, I’d love to only display one of these markers, but have the marker reflect information from all of the items. In my particular use case, each item has a start date and end date.

This seems like a perfect candidate for grouping/aggregation (min of start date, max of end date, and sum), except… You can’t group by location!

Thus consider this a feature request for location grouping. I know it’s likely more complicated than it seems because of how locations are stored, but even if the grouping only just treated a location like a text field of its address, that would still be better than nothing (though of course, I wouldn’t say no to grouping by street, city, country, etc…)


Maybe with all that’s going on I should mention that my use case has to do with tracking and displaying COVID cases. Maybe that will help boost the priority? (probably not, but worth a shot? :grin:)