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Group by Option sets

I love Option sets, and I love the “group by” operation… Why isn’t it possible to “group by” an option set ? Since the options are ordered in a particular order, it would be really useful to split some things by category in a repeating group for example.
Thanks for reading, hope it catches someone important’s attention


Agreed - I was just needing this type of grouping this morning. Would be super helpful!


Hey Gaby! Just switched to forum after the list of your youtube videos - you are great.
I was looking for some video about A/B testing as I don’t know the best use case to do it in Bubble, but didn’t find anything about A/B tests.
Do you know where to look?

I’m quite surprised that it’s not possible to group by using option set. I needed to use this functionality.

Does anyone have an idea of a workaround to group by using option set?

Hey Gaby, did you ever find a solution here?