Group Chat app - adding and removing users

I ve created an chat app for the community that I own, but I m not sure I can do all features needed for the community to work well. I don t know how to make adding and removing users from a group chat. I need that because I ll have a big group chat into my app and every new user that comes should be added there and if one of the users talk bad, should be removed. Hope it s possible! Thank you!

For that, you must tell us how the data structure is done in your app.
Is it a number of things of type Users in the group chat?

I made it with a tutorial for cloning whatsapp. May I give you the link? The tutorial was bought from Lachlan Kirkwook. How can I show you the structure?

You can send a view-only link to the Bubble app (tutorial here) and just send it here. That way we can see how it’s constructed, but not modify anything.

Hope I did good

Hey there; this is to the live page that’s hosted on the internet. We need the Bubble editor itself to see how your app is organized!

Have you find out smth?

Hello and sorry for the bother! i was wondering if you saw the app and if it s possible what i m looking for

As I saw in the editor, the Chat-users have the users added by email. To remove someone you can use an action triggered by a button, “Change a list of things” and remove the user from the Chat-users.