Group, Column & DataSrouce


I m making a form, here’s my current structure:

MyGroup - data-linked: MyThing
|- Text 1
|- Input 1 (with default Value MyThing.value1
|- Text 2
|- Input 2 (with default Value MyThing.value2

I want to make the form on 2 columns
Text 1: Input 1
Text 2: Input 2

To do that, I put a group above Text1: Input1 but with solution I lost the connection to the parent group and the linked data MyThing

MyGroup - data-linked: MyThing
|- MyRow
|- - Text 1
|- - Input 1 (with default Value MyThing.value1

What’s the solution here?

You can wrap all of them in a parent group then access the data using parent group’s thing . Let me know if it solves your problem

if I don’t use the MyRow group, I can’t have text and input in the same row.
if I use it, I can’t access to MyThing (because it’s not the parent)