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Hello Everyone,

I have a silly question.
Imagine a page with different product cards. Each product card has its own share button. The purpose of the share button is to share to different social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

How do you get it to share the individual card and not the page with all the cards on it?

have a page dedicated to each product and refer to this page

Try “AddToAny Share Button” Plugin. Might work for you

Thank you for your response, but I don’t feel that is an option (even though I think it’ll work)… there could be an tones of products and don’t feel it’s a scalable option


pages will be generated dynamically, there’s no work to do but create a generic page. Maybe you can follow some good tutorials on Bubble youtube channel to check how it works.

The purpose of Bubble is to be scalable.

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Your soooooooooooo amazing… Thanks so much Sarah!!!

another idea I had that night :

  • create a popup on your listing page, with the datatype of your ads
  • display the card design in it
  • in your wf tab, create an event : on page load with the condition : when get data from page url (ad_id or whatever) is not empty, with 3 actions : 1. show the popup 2. display data in popup 3. reset the url param (ad_id goes empty)
    the link will be you listing link, with the url param ad_id=1234577897

but this one can be blocked by adblockers

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