Group focus inside group focus behavior

I want to put a group focus inside a group focus. See the example here for more. What I am looking at is this behavior: clicking the inside groupfocus does not close the main groupfocus.

The procedure is:

  1. click Group A → Show main groupfocus A → click group B (inside groupfocus A) → show inside groupfocus B → click groupfocus B closes groupfocus A.

But I do not want the last step to happen. I dont want a click in the inside groupfocus B to close the main groupfocus A completely. I want the main group focus to close only when you click outside of it.

Obviously, the inside groupfocus is technically outside the main one, but I want to circumvent that. I try to group the inside group focus and put the group inside the main groupfocus but this still did not solve the issue.

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