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Group Focus on RG

Hi There,

I need a little help with Group Focus. Two things:

  1. I’m trying to click an item inside a repeating group and have that open up a quick preview into that repeating group’s objects data (like if you had a shopping cart and clicked an item you’d see some details).
  2. I would like this preview to span 100% of the vertical height of the page and if the user wants to scroll farther down they can using the mouse wheel.

For #1 I believe the right tool is Group Focus, but when I try and apply that to the RG I don’t have an option to access the data in the RG:

Above you can see that the data type of the RG object is “Sponsor” but there is no way to set the data source to that specific Sponsor in the repeating group – only a list of Sponsors or whether or not it is loading.

I could try and trigger the Group Focus using a workflow and passing the Sponsor from the RG that way, but it didn’t seem ideal. Is that the right way to do it?

For #2 I have no clue on how to make the Group Focus full height and ideally off of the top left corner of the screen. Something like this:

In the above, when clicking an item the group focus opens to show some more info about that RG item. When the user clicks elsewhere it collapses.

Maybe this should just be done with a group and passing data when clicking or something similar?


Friendly ping.

I’m not exactly clear on what you’re looking to do, but I believe the answer lies in a group focus within a reusable element that is then added to your RG. Explained in detail here:

Thats exactly what I need for part 1. Thanks so much!

What I am struggling with now is how to make the Group Focus not be in relation to the cell but rather just a menu that opens up on the side of the viewport that is full viewport height.

See the image showing a menu that opens on the left in red.

For viewport height either try Hero sizing element in this plugin or you might be able to figure out with CSS overrides based on what @nomorecode shared here.

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