Group Layer Ordering Issue

Hello, I made this group inside the previous group, and it is show in the element tree as inside the previous group, but for some reason it doesn’t show up in front of it, even the label makes it look like it is hidden. I’ve tried to bring it front and everything about changing layers order, but I think it might be a settings problem. What may be the problem?

When you place a group inside of another group, you can refer to them as child group and parent group (or container group)…so you placed a group into a container group.

Your child group does not appear ‘in front’ of the container group, it appears inside of it. You have Group D and Group E, both of which are child groups of grp conteudo principal, so you can move the positions of Group D and Group E to appear in front or behind one or the other, so long as grp conteudo principal has the proper layout type, such as align to parent or fixed.