Group opacity affecting all elements inside the group

Whenever I create a group and put any element inside it like a text or group, it has the same opacity effect as the parent group. I’ve made sure that the element inside the group has 100% opacity, and even tried it on a separate new project, but I can’t seem to find the issue.

Have you reached out to Bubble? It may be a bug. i must say I’ve never experienced such an issue. Are you sure it has nothing to do with STYLE tab?

This is by design. If an element is opaque then the whole element is opaque, it will stack with members inside groups. Like, if you look at an object through an opaque window, the object will be opaque.


I was following a tutorial where this did not occur in it for some reason.

Referring to: How to build a simple dashboard in Bubble: Dashboard tutorial 1/3 - YouTube (Time 6:15)

You’re using the literally just released opacity feature for elements. That video is 9 months old.


But why though? From a design purpose, you very well might want the inside elements not to be opaque, while the group is?

And response to myself: setting the Opacity of the group affects all elements, setting the opacity of the color of the group does not.


choosing the opacity frim the color works, but now i have a new problem when my background is an image, ican not choos the opacity.

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