Group Overlapping

When I make a previous group that I am working on invisible, and the other visible, group 1 overlaps and dosen’t let me work on group 2 without sending items to group 1 or manually requiring me to go to element tree and click on the item I want to work on in group 2.

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In the properties inspector if you check the box the ‘collapse when hidden’ does that help?

Making a screen recording in this case might allow us to assist you best.

Hope we can figure this out for you. :blush:

Hey. Thanks for replying, the option to “Collapse when hidden” is not showing up.

I see. Yeah. When you have the Container Layout to ‘Fixed’ it’s really hard to work with. I normally use ‘Column’ and sometimes a ‘Row’ if I need something like your Login with Google button. I recommend creating a save point first since changing that could mess up a lot of things on your page potentially. It’s worth it to make a responsive layout instead of just a fixed one though. Does that make sense? :blush: Then it can look good on any size screen.

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Thanks so much. 2 things: 1. How do I make a save point, can I copy and paste my work onto another page to start again? - Also how should I distinguish between using columns and rows? Thanks again

Also, when I’m trying to move a piece of text that is a column, it dosen’t like me like a fixed container.

Create a save point :point_up:

You can clone your page before you make any changes. :blush:

Yes, but when I am trying to freely move a image or piece of text, if it’s not fixed it won’t let me and when I set the parent to fixed, it messes everything up. How can i freely move rows and columns. So sorry for all the questions. Thanks again

Here is an example of what it would look like Column vs Rows

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When you want to move things around, you can do it a few different ways, try using the element tree or use these buttons:

Does that help? :blush:

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Yes. Thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate bubble support. Have a great day!!

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Sorry, but I have been trying for about 30 minutes to align the columns to where I want them and nothing is working. Any way around this that dosen’t involve making the parent a fixed container because that messes up everything.

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You can try just clicking the element in the element tree to see if you can access it. I recommend going through these tutorials to try to understand it better. Or schedule a coaching session to get help with your specific app.

Check it out:

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