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Hi there, I’ve tried finding a thread on this and can’t seem to.

I’m looking to build a tool for my restaurant to allow our guests to requests items from their table. I’ve managed to create a list of items: salad, bread, cheese etc. and have it list the selections into a second list so that the customer can review the list before submitting. I’ve used a repeating list of course but now I’m stumped. If the user selects salad twice it will show up twice on the list. Is there a way to have it combine itself and start using something like a count function to show “Salad - 2” instead?

yes…‘grouped by’ operator. Search for ‘group by’ and you should find threads on the topic

Sorry I’m really new at this. I’m searching for grouped by in the thread and nothing is helping me. I don’t know where to find grouped by. I’m so new I’m not 100% sure what an “operator” is.

Hello @matthew7 welcome to the community!

This could also help spark some ideas:

Thank you however I have watched this video already. My problem isn’t getting the second list going, I have that working well. It’s collapsing: Salad, Cheese, Salad, Bread into: Salad - 2, Cheese - 1, Bread - 1.

Hi there, @matthew7… to add to the info that boston and cmarchan have provided, here is an example where I have the item options (salad, bread, cheese) in an option set, and I have a field in a custom data type called type that is tied to the option set. With that set up in place, the repeating group’s search would use the group by… operator like this…

Then, one text element in the repeating group would show the Current cell's Grouping's type's Display, and another text element would show the Current cell's Grouping's count. The described repeating group with those elements would produce this result…


Hope this helps you get down a good path.


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Yes this is exactly what I’m looking for however in doing some research on what an “option” is I noticed that updating options requires a full update. I’d much prefer having a page that any user can log into and add or remove the menu items to select from. That said, the results you posted above is exactly what I’m looking for.

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So I found somewhat of an odd way to get this working. I created another field and simply duplicate the item name inside that second field. For some reason you can’t group based on the first field?? Creating the second field allowed me to select it when choosing :group by …

Now my problem is I’m not able to show the count if there is more than one of the same item. I can’t get the count to show up. See photo.

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