Group spacing according to width of page

Hi there! I want to build a navigation bar with clickable images. I put them all in a floating group and the image in an individual group. When the widht of the page now changes I want to have them distributed evenly. How can I do this? I know how to apply gap spacing, but can enter there only a fix value. Is there another way?

Try this in the conditional tab of the group where the images are hosted.

Don’t use gap spacing.

I want the space between the icons to be distributed evenly depending on the width of the screen. Can I insert a sort of formula for this?

There is no need for a formula to get this.
You can use container alignment. Try setting it to space between, it’s the last one to in the picture
Use column gap only if you want to keep a minimum distance between the elements when the group shrinks.

Perfect, that works exactly how I wanted it. Thanks for the help!