Group stick to bottom without using floating group

Hello. I am trying to implement a button that always sticks to the bottom of the user’s screen’s above the navigation drawer. However, since it is nested inside a group, I was hoping to make this group float towards the bottom but without converting it into a floating group, because there is no way to nest a floating group inside another group, which my app requires.

Is there any way to do that? Making the vertical position of a group element responsive to the screen size?

I don’t know what this means so my answer may be of no value to you.

Other than “navigation drawer”, what you’re describing is the perfect use for a floating group.

Here’s a simple use case:
The three icons are in a floating group.

Depending on what “navigation drawer” is and does, you might be able create a floating group that leaves room for it and is large enough to place your button above the space allowed for the “navigation drawer”.

Perhaps even better, the floating group can be specified as floating relative to bottom and drawn on the page design high enough off the bottom to allow room for the “navigation drawer” below it.

Hi, I have the same need, but @laurence’s solution can’t work as my button is also nested inside a group that maybe hidden depending on the app navigation.
A floating group cannot be nested inside an hidden group.

If you or someone else has found a solution I’m all hears :wink:


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