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Group with focus referenced to Repeating group cell's

Can you share images from your reusable element from the designer? It kills me something that suppose to be so simple don’t work for me.

Sure thing. This also took me ages to figure out, but is quite simple in the end…

This is all my reusable element looks like when you first go into it in the editor since the group focus is not visible on page load. It only contains the icon that is initially visible.

Here is what it looks like with group focus visible.

Here is the workflow to show the group focus on click (I do a series of other steps as well when the user clicks on the icon, but the one you are most interested is the first one to show the group focus):

If you still struggle, I suggest trying to get it to work with click. If you can do that, but still struggle with hover then you will know it is a hover-specific issue.

Oh, I finally figured it out, and it was even more simple than I feared (it tend to be for me). On the button I had it to be visible on page load. So I just followed your guys steps, and removed the setting on the button ‘visible on page load’ and now it works perfectly. Thanks for helping out!

Thanks for this! Saved me from a lot of previous frustration trying to make this work. Tip to anyone struggling to make even this solution work: I didn’t have my workflows for showing and hiding the focus group set to “do every time condition is true” which messed everything up. Now it’s just how i want it. Thanks again!!

Hi guys,

I had this problem today and stumbled across an even easier fix, which I hope applies to your situation. My goal was to click on a cell in a repeating group and display more information about it.

I actually ended up using a DRAGGABLE group element, which is totally not what it’s used for!

  1. I created this element outside of my repeating group (so there’s only 1 of them, its not part of the cell).

  2. When the cell of my repeating group is clicked, I set the draggable element to position itself over the cell:

  3. I then “display data” in this group (step 2 in the picture above)

  4. To control the visibility I have a simple yes/no state on the element. If the state is “yes” then it’s visible, etc. I set the state to “no” by default, and have it to turn to “no” if the user navigates to anywhere where the repeating group isn’t visible. I also added a CROSS to the group so the user can disappear it if they want.

  5. Also use “Scroll to” the draggable group if you have a big Repeating Group.

Hope this helps, I struggled with group focus and reusable elements for a while before trying this :slight_smile:


How did you manage this part in step 4 @t.w.gant??

I had a yes/no state (called “Show”, see below) set on the draggable group element to show or hide it depending on yes/no:

Then whenever a cell in my repeating group is clicked, turn the state to “yes”, aka, display the group via workflow like the one below:

Whenever the group is crossed out then its state changes to “no”, aka hide the group.
Hope that helps!


Thanks! It helped a lot :slight_smile:

@t.w.gant thanks for posting this super helpful tip! Helped me achieve the exact experience I was attempting.

@t.w.gant actually, I may have spoken too soon. Looked ok on my laptop, but not so much on the phone. Still wrestling with it, but hopefully I can get it.

Question: do you still see “Current Cell’s…” as an option in the workflow step Move Draggable? (I see you posted this a while ago, and I don’t see that as a choice. I see element names from within my cell, and I’m using one of those, but I’m wondering if I didn something wrong to not get “Current Cell’s…” thx

@emmanuel maybe if the field for the groups focus reference field was dynamic, you could set it to reference the specific icon in the specific item of the rg.

My use case is for a message chat where i would like to put an icon on the right hand side of each item of the repeating group. When the user clicks this, a focus group shows up with options like (reply, react using emoji, archive etc) so therefore the focus group would be part of the actual item of the rg.