Group within a Group: Need to display correct background group data that is based on what is displayed on the top level group

Hi Bubblers!

I am going through this course: Marketplace App Like AirBnB Course. Its great!

In the app I am building, I am listing hotel rooms, and not unique individual properties (ie…apartments, houses etc…where there are just 1 of each).

I have (2) databases.

  • Listings (ie…the hotel room deals)
  • Master Hotel Profiles (ie…the global attributes for the hotel…reviews, photos, etc…)

My “bookings” page has a background group that needs to populate the “master hotel profiles” and on top of that group is a small group that lists the specific hotel deal (ie…March 25th for $100).

In my “Master Hotel Profiles” I am using Blockspring during the upload process to assign each master hotel database entry a unique ID.

When a user uploads a specific hotel deal, they are required to select from a dropdown which has only the hotel names that have been pre-populated in the database (by me). Basically, the only hotel options that a user can use are ones I have added to the database.

I have a “Deals!” page where I am able to list hotel deals and then via URL passing am successfully able to present the correct hotel deal in the top level group on the “booking” page.

How can I have the background group call the correct information of the hotel that is being populated on the top level group on the booking page? I am thinking perhaps there is a way to make the correlation in the database via the Blockspring unique ID for the “master hotel properties” and the corresponding property dropdown that had to be selected when the hotel deal was uploaded?