Grouped by in a line graph (Average)

I have been trying to understand the manual but struggling with this…

I have a data type that contains 3 fields…

  1. Customer (customer type)
  2. Score (number)
  3. Date Score Taken (date)

I have created a line chart which pulls the values and works well BUT…

We could have multiple entries a month for each customer. This means we have many points for each month.

I want to do a search for each customer and then display the average for each month on the chart. So if June had 10 entries for customer A, the chart would only have have one point - which would be the average for June. And the same for all months.

I know I need to use the grouped by option but I am getting confused how to work with this. I tried to follow the manual but came to a halt quite quickly.

Anyone able to help or maybe point me to an online video that may help?


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Hey! Any luck with this?