:Grouped by - issue with 'Do not skip empty groups' when not selected (Ending date still applies)

@neerja I’ve noticed a bug when using the :grouped by expression. In this use case it was on a repeating group of events, with the type of grouping set to ‘Day’.

When setting up and then checking the ‘Do not skip empty groups’ we then have access to the ‘Ending date’, in which I added a dynamic value.

At this point it will look complete like this:

However, I’ve noticed that when the ‘Do not skip empty groups’ is unchecked it will appear as if the ‘Ending date’ should be excluded and disabled from the Group by operation, like so:

But looking on the frontend, it seems it still applies the ‘Ending date’ even when unchecked, but the dynamic value still exists (saved dynamic expression like usual). Therefore, to exclude the rule completely, one has to clear the dynamic value from the ‘Ending date’ like so:

And then unchecked the ‘Do not skip empty groups’.

Not fully tested on the debugger, but worth checking to see if this bug persists?

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