GroupFocus Conditional Reference Element

This is probably a weird way to design what I’m trying to do, but I’ve got a GroupFocus that’s got a hidden Repeating Group inside it that I’m trying to reveal and have the GF respond to well. I’ll link the example at the bottom.

The first problem is that the only way to see the full RG after the reveal is to initially pad the GF at the bottom. You’ll notice the GF’s heights are 110 instead of around 70 which would look better initially.

The next issue is the GF at the bottom. You can see that the RG causes it to extend below the floating group it’s in. Is there any way to change the Reference Element of the GF conditionally on if the RG is showing?

Is there any better way to achieve this from the start? Thanks for any help!

For the second issue, my only solution right now is to separate out the Repeating Group into its own new GroupFocus that’s up higher and will pop up when the more text is clicked.