GroupFocus embeeded in iframe unexpected behaviour

I created a page in my app that is displayed in an Iframe, which in injected in different web pages through a chrome extension.
In my bubble page I have some GroupFocus elements that are toggled when clicking other elements.
Everything works perfectly apart from one expected behaviour : all my groupFocus elements are toggled on their own approximatively 10 seconds after my page is rendered. It happens every time.
The only workflows I have that toggle the GroupFocus elements are triggered on elments click.
When the unexpected behaviour happens I have console warnings that appear (see screenshot) that reference the run.js file, which is a ntive bubble file which handles workflows from my understanding.
When I run my bubble page on its own (not in an Iframe) it works fine too.

Any ideas ? It might not be a bubble related issue but I’m out of ideas to debug this.

=> Update : I tried duplicating my page and rendered the new one in the Iframe instead (I wanted to try to remove chunks of the page to try and see where the behavior was coming from) and it seems to have solved the issue. I’ll keep investigating in the upcoming days and tell you if I understood what the issue is/was.


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