Grouping an API call

I have a RG pulling data from an external API and displays Element #1. Then using Element #1, I look up additional data using another API. The issue is that there are too many calls and page slows down. Is there a way I can lump this into one call. Right now, its a separate call to pull each field.


The first thing to know is if the call are the same, Bubble will not call the API each time, only once.
But :filtered may cause slowdown depending of what you are doing and the data you get.
One thing to consider is to have a group set to the Main inventory API type and you do the call to API in this group instead of calling it in mobile column #3 element. In this element, you use parent group main inventory instead.

The slowdown is probably mostly due to each cell calling the API and not inside one cell Get API call that are probably all the same API Call. It could also be because of all the filtered stuff.

thank you. i ended up nesting RG within RG