Grouping and counting


in my data table I have a list of orders
product 1 .1 qty 2
product 1.2 qty 5
product 2 qty 5

I want to group all the product 1 and count the qty and then group all of product 2 and count the qty

to provide me with a list of how many product 1 I need to get togther and how many of product 2

like a pick list
can any one help



If it’s data base saved you can do search for and :count

If it’s in a repeating group you can do repeating groups list of products filtered by product name

Or use the :groupby function.

thanks for the quick response
If I did a search I would want to bring back all the products with product 1 in it so as above product 1.1 and 1.2 would be grouped as Product 1 and Qty of 7 and product 2 would be qty of 5 and then show that as a list?

is this better as a repeating group or as a search?

Actually either it depends on your app flow.

do Search for product with constraints as product title contains “1.”

Or play around Do search for products that are in that order:groupby

im quite new to A) app development and B) dont suppose you 5 to help me out.

You say depends on how the app flows
so we have products as follows
item 1: gold product, silver product, bronze product
item 2 standard product

they might order 1 gold product and 1 silver product listed in the system as so but I want to say right we need to pick two of item 1 doesnt matter if it is gold or silver can group by do this

could I share my app and show you?