Grouping Data by inputs

I had a question about if it was possible to be able to take inputs from people based on what they inputted into contact form dropdown, and make groups based on that data.

Ex: Joe inputs into a dropdown that he wants 2 alerts everyday and also inputs (in a different dropdown) that he wants those 2 alerts at 12:00pm and 5:00pm everyday

I want to be able to put people (who categorize themselves the same as Joe in the example) into a group so that i can organize the database based on those inputs.


I did something similar doing the following.

Table “Groups”

  • Group name (text field)
  • Users (list of users)

On the work-flow add the user to the Groups table list of Users. I then refer to this list by group. Or say, if list contains User then do xyz.

When you say table “groups” do you mean make a new data type or make a new field type?

Yep, a new data type and then add those field types. The User field when you create it select “User” from the drop down menu and tick the box which says list.

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Still a little confused haha,

So I have the user data type and preference data type.

Within the Preference data type I have the fields:

  • “Alert Preference”
  • “Budget”

But From this picture above, I want to group people who input on the dropdown their preference for alerts, so that everyone who inputs 2 alerts - a day is apart of the data Group - 2 alerts a day

Does this make sense?


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