Grouping into a column container


Noob here…

I’m having trouble grouping two elements in a column container.
They do not seem to be properly pairing together.

I want ‘Email’ and my input to pair together and although it says I’ve grouped them by column container, if I attempt to move the alignment of the text it does not follow the input, and instead aligns the length of the entire form itself.

I have attached some screenshots


What are you trying to do?

Hopefully this screenshot explains it a bit better…


At the minute I am trying to build a sign up page.

I am trying to align “Email” to the left of my input hence why I have grouped them together in a column. However, it left aligns to the entire group form the box is in.

Much appreciated if you can workout what I am doing wrong!

I’m still not entirely sure I understand what you’re trying to do…

But if I do understand correctly, you need to either put the max width on the group (instead of the button), or set the group to fit width to content.

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Solved it thanks! Just started playing around with it today so sorry wasn’t the most clear

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