Grouping Items in Element Tree


I may be completely missing something, but what is the best way to move elements around in the element tree.

I see this post: post which says that you can just drag and drop, but this is not working for me.

I also see this post which seems to directly contradict the answer to the previous post. How to reorder the elements tree


Both posts you linked to are over a year old, so you can ignore both of those (although the first one isn’t talking about moving elements in the element tree)…

Reordering elements in the Element tree has never been possible until literally a day ago (see this announcement from yesterday New Responsive [beta] Drag and Drop in Elements Tree - Announcements - Bubble Forum).

So now (as of yesterday) it is possible, and very simple - just drag an element in the tree to another position, or into and out of parent containers.

Note: this feature is only available in the new responsive engine, not the legacy engine, so if you’re still using that you won’t have this feature.

This is awesome! Great day to start using bubble I guess…

If anyone is still using the old engine, I found that the best way to move things into groups was to grab the element I wanted to move, then hover it over the are where my container is until the red outline appears around the group. Then, if I wanted to select all the elements of the group, I clicked the group in my element tree…

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