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Grouping orders together

Hey guys, I still can’t figure out how to group orders together in a repeating group.

This is my repeating group:

This is what I’m going for:

I’ve tried the “:grouped by” function in the repeating group but that changes the repeating group content to “Grouping” and I cannot display images in that case.

Any tips of how I can replicate latter checkout system?

Thank you for your time! :grin:

Hi :wave:

I think you wish to group by products, right?

Use the :grupo by and choose to aggregate it by “product”. You can get the image of your product by going deeper in you group, something like:

Group Product’ Product’ Image

Hey @rpetribu!
Thanks so much for the response. I’ve tried grouping by the product’s unique ID together, but in that case the elements in the repeating group cannot reference any other fields other than the selected fields that was chosen to be grouped by. (in this case the unique ID field)


Picture showing only field availble to display:

What am I doing wrong?
These are the normal fields if the repeating group’s content is not “grouping”

Hey guys,
Due to a mistake when linking data types together, the :groupedby function did not work. Now that I fixed it, it’s working normally and I can now group orders toghether.

My bad!