Grouping things and display based on that grouping

This is a little hard to describe, but I have a list of things called Blocks that have fields for tags, text, and titles.

I can search for Blocks after a certain created date, and then filter them based on whether or not they have tags contained in a list of tags. This gets me the right list of Blocks. HOWEVER, the final step is where I am stuck - I need to group the Blocks by title, then display the title and those blocks, so it looks like:

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3

Block 4
Block 5

Groupby seems to only be for aggregating numeric information, not text.

This is true because aggregation is used only to display the numeric information such as the count of the grouping you created.

So you need to create a grouping, not an aggregation

You may need more than one Repeating Group…sounds like you should use your first repeating group you have set up getting you

And take that repeating group and use it as the datasource for you second repeating group which you then :group by Title

Thanks - I wish a repeating group would work but unfortunately (and I should have clarified) I need this to be in a single Dynamic Data formula to generate as initial content inside a Rich Text Input form or in the body of an email as part of a workflow.

Take the values from the repeating group list and use regex or another method to extract them from that list and populate the rich text editor with that value.