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Groups are Shifting Vertically in Front End

Hi all! So I’ve put a lot of time into some forms that I created with Bubble, and recently (within the past couple of months or so), there’s been some issues with the groups inside of this from on the front end. They look fine on the back end but they are shifting and stretching vertically on the front end. It’s causing all of the groups borders (which are overlapped by 1 px) to shift and create random areas of double thickness. If you look closely at the screenshots at the lines between the Age and DOB groups, you can see the vertical lines protruding on the front end. This is an area that was shifting and causing the bottom borders of Age and DOB to show as well as the top border of the Ethnicity group, causing it to be twice as thick as the other areas until I hid the bottom border of the Age and DOB groups. I have no idea why this is happening. I have not updated my responsive tab to the new version. Any advice is appreciated!


Frontend (Preview)