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Groups Not Collapsing Properly + RG not updating live

I have a bizarre bug… One repeating group is within another, and both are contained inside drag and drop elements. For some reason this scenario is causing two major bugs:

  1. Groups within these draggable elements are not collapsing properly.
  2. Repeating groups are not updating unless I drag the parent element OR add a second element to the repeating group. With this second scenario, the repeating group will always display one less cell than the repeating group actually contains.

Anyone else run into this bizarre issue?

This recent post might shed some light.

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What’s weird is that I have a different page with a similar setup, just without the second repeating group, and the groups are collapsing properly and repeating groups are populating properly.

Here is a simplified example of the bug:

Bubble | No-code apps (

EDIT: It seems that the collapse bug occurs when the drag group is “droppable”
EDIT2: The repeating group issue is not related to the drag/drop group but rather a custom plugin.

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