Growing our mobile app team in Palm Beach FL

We have a mobile app launching in the App Store next week. Currently we’re a team of 6 and looking to add one more.
Category is Finance, FinTech
Stage: product market fit

We’re in personal financial management, no it’s not a budget app, not an investment app, not a net worth aggregator.
Yes we use AI, responsibly.
The product team has a 1% bubble dev, a bubble developer. A 2nd bubble developer - part-time, a jr. Bubble Developer, Java script coder.
We run off our own API.

Looking for a bubble developer, with mobile app experience, ability to work with our API, ability to translate from Figma to bubble visually accurate. Experience with QA.

Strong desire to make the world a better place - a plus.
Based in Florida, strong plus.

I’m looking at portfolios, and YOB (years of bubbling)

Thank you for the direct messages. I will review all from now till 1/22 and then start setting video calls.
We have all of the generalist bases covered for bubble, DB design, marketing & product strategy. I’m really looking find the best mobile first focused bubble devs with an emphisis on Apple iOS. We follow the Air BNB mobile app design guidelines for UX/UI.

Please do also connect with me on LinkedIn →

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Hey, I wanted to know the status of job if it’s still up for applying?

I had not expected so much response, we are still sorting through it. Thank you.

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Alright, then I am gonna increase your task by adding mine as well, I hope that’s not an issue.