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The Cut Out Text plugin for offers users a simple yet powerful way to create captivating visual effects by applying a “cut out text” effect to text elements within their applications. This effect allows text to appear filled with a selected image or pattern while maintaining a transparent background, enhancing the overall design and aesthetics of the application.

Key Features:

Customizable Text Effects: Users can easily apply the “cut out text” effect to any text element in their project. They have full control over the text content, font style, size, and color.

Background Image or Pattern: The plugin enables users to choose from a library of background images or patterns to fill the text. Additionally, users can upload their own images to personalize the design further.

Transparency and Blending Options: Users have the flexibility to adjust the transparency level of the text and experiment with blending options to achieve the desired visual effect.

Easy Integration: Seamless integration into the editor allows users to access the “Cut Out Text” functionality effortlessly. The plugin is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and advanced users.