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Guest payments help

Hi, I am looking to create marketplace that accepts guest transactions. Currently, when a user becomes a seller on my platform they are directed to stripe to create an account. They must add a payment method before they list a product.

However, would there be a way for the user to select “continue as a guest” and this would then allow them to list products for sale. This would then allow the user to accept payments for these items.

Perhaps they could sign in to paypal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps there is a way to add a balance method. This could be when a customer pays for an item, this amount is transferred to the sellers bubble account and can be withdrawn. Any ideas?

No this is not possible. The user who connects to their Stripe Account to sell products on your site, would need to first setup their stripe account and have it approved by stripe for them to be able to begin accepting payments.

I cover this in detail in my Stripe Integration Course that outlines how to setup conditionals to determine if the connected Stripe account is ready to start selling.

Basically they can create the products without being ready to accept payments, but they can not sell that until their stripe account is ready to accept payments.

If you are however, referring to the issue of a ‘Guest’ buying a product, then no, they do not need to be registered on your app to buy a product.

I cover in the course how to set things up to track ‘customers’ in the application, but it is not necessary to have a user logged in to make a payment.

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