Guest user login missing account link

Hi all, My bubble skills are improving, but the user/login process is till a bit of a mystery…
My Account-users are able to create their own “guest users.”

Back story:
When Account-users are create a datatype “ACCOUNT” is created. Both User and Account are linked together. Then, when an account user logs in the user and account are matched up. This seems to be working thus far…

The problem is:
When that “guest-user” logs in no match happens. Guest-users enter the app as an orphaned user, so to speak.

I use the Create an account for someone else workflow. In one of the fields I assign the current user’s ACCOUNT to the new “guest-user.” Part of workflow contains an update to ACCOUNT that adds the “guest-user” to its list of user. App Data supports the workflow is working and all data is being captured.

Should I be using the Sign the user up workflow?

I’d really appreciate some insight…

No, there is no need to do this anymore, the user is registered.

In general, when you were able to perform an operation with a data of custom data types, that data must have been saved.

Thanks @NoCodeDataArtisan, And yes the data does populate in the appropriate places. However, at the point of login the data doesn’t get associated with the user logging in?

Is it possible to have access to the editor?

I found that bubble has created a new tutorial video: It doesn’t explicitly discuss the ACCOUNT data I’m having trouble with? But, I’m going to retrace my steps to see if I’ve over looked something?

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That’s really good, this the right way. :motorway:

I’m here if you have any questions.

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